Verse 1

And if I had a clue
I'd know exactly what to do
If I were the wiser of the two
And if I saw it all so clear
I'd write it down and bend your ear
If I were the clearer of the two
We could take a walk into the
Canyons of the Fifth Avenue
Sing and dance just to name a few


All I do
All I do

Verse 2

And if I heard the angels sing
I'd sing it back to you and bring
Sound of heaven ringing just for you
And if I saw the sun fall down
I'd pick it up and make a crown
One that was a perfect fit for you
We could take a walk
Into the apple orchard by the school
We could make a little residue
We could find a place to stay
A secret little hideaway
Spend a little time inside of you


All I do
All I do


All eyes
All eyes
All eyes on you


All I do
All I do
All I do
All I do

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Red Hot Chili Peppers, American rock band that combined funk and punk rock to create a new musical style in the 1980s. They won Grammy Awards for six time. The band also known as RHCP around the fans.
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